Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lunch with Lucy

This past weekend I went to brunch with a very good friend and her daughter, Lucy. Lucy is a girl after my own heart because she loves carbs. We sat down to have our brunch; Lucy in a high chair and her mom and me in adult chairs. The busboy put a croissant at each of our plates and Lucy’s mom and I chatted up a storm.

Occasionally Lucy would point to the croissant on her mom’s plate to signal that she wanted another piece of the croissant. I decided I would give Lucy some of my croissant as well because she needed to eat her food. The first piece I gave her, she nibbled on it as if she wasn’t sure if my piece of croissant was as good as her mom’s. When her mom gave her a piece after the one I had given her, she shoved it in her mouth. The next piece I handed her, she was still skeptical and bit into a little bit, tasted it and then put it in her mouth. Lucy’s taste test was complete and she decided that although the croissants were coming from two different plates, they were equally tasty.

Lucy then had a choice! So she could point to my plate or her mom’s and still get her food. She was very sweet about it and mixed it up a little to get a piece from me and a piece from her mom.

While we sat there, many of the other diners were waving at Lucy. She would look at them and occasionally smile. She really didn’t make a fuss at all. She had some fruit along with her bread but wasn’t too thrilled by the home fries.

A little later on her mom went to the bathroom and left me with her. She pointed to the general area where her mom had disappeared and I told her ‘Mommy is in the bathroom.’ The answer seemed to satisfy her. She smiled at me or looked at someone trying to get her attention. And then her mom appeared! She smiled from cheek to cheek.

I put on Lucy’s lamb jacket and we left the restaurant. She decided she knew the best way to get to her house—better than her mom – so she guided us there. As I walked towards my house, I kept thinking about how pleasant lunch with Lucy was. She didn’t cry or make a show; she was very well behaved. It’s refreshing to see that kids can be calm, sweet and can control themselves in social settings. I wish more kids were as fun as Lucy.


M said...

Very sweet indeed! I love that it took her awhile to determine whether your food was safe to eat, and then she went gung-ho for all of it. Cutie!

Ann Marie said...

Lucy sounds very sweet and analytical.

My friend took her 1 1/2 year old granddaughter grocery shopping. Isabella took something from a shelf that Grandma didn't want her to have. Instead of screaming and crying, Isabella just kept yelling, "Ow! Ow!" People were looking at Grandma as if she had hit the little angel.

Toddlers are all kinds of fun.