Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Body Works

Recently I pulled a muscle in my back. I am not entirely sure how I did it but a couple of incidents might be to blame:
1) My kettle bells class
2) My poor posture
3) Rolling out of bed too quickly to attack my alarm clock one morning
4) Turning the mattress on my bed

It’s been a few weeks now that I’ve been experiencing tension and tightness in my middle to lower back. During the day it doesn’t really bother me despite my sitting for hours. Exercising for the most part seems to help my back. But at night I’m tormented by pains that wake me up after my anti-inflammatory medication wears off.

Last week I went to see the doctor and I got Xrays. The Xrays were comforting in that at least no bones were broken. The doctor confirmed my suspicions of a muscle spasm and told me to go for physical therapy. This is all fine and dandy.

What is frustrating me most about this whole issue is that here I was trying to get in better shape by going to my kettle bells class and increasing my exercise time at the gym. And what does it get me? Pain and discomfort not from muscle soreness but muscle pain.

I always feel like my body is talking to me. It tells me when I’m fighting an infection. It whispers to me when certain processes are not viable. It shouts when I need to stop doing an exercise. And I listen to it because I know it knows me and I know it very well. But it still doesn’t cooperate when I want to get in shape. I guess it’s telling me that I still need to take it easy.

I am grateful for all my body has done and what it continues to do. I just wish it would work with me a little more lately. Please let me go back to the gym and my class!

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M said...

Sorry to hear about the pulled muscle, Pooky. My body sometimes seems to be working against my efforts too--my knees in particular, lately. I agree that it's very frustrating!