Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Lately all I have been thinking about is my college days. It all started when one of my coworkers and I discussed how much easier it was in school. Of course she said that she doesn’t mind not having the homework anymore. I disagreed with her in the sense that we still have assignments that need to be completed. They are our deliverables. Although it’s true that we may not necessarily take them home with us like homework, they are still deadlines.

Honestly though my brain was far more stimulated in college. All my classes were so interesting to me. Professors were people I respected who could articulate ideas and thoughts for most of the students to understand. I hardly ever feel stimulated at work. I don’t always feel that I am learning which is the opposite of how I felt in school. I feel like everyone has a hidden agenda at work which I didn’t feel in college. Yes, they did outside of the classroom, I’m sure but the common goal was to get the major project/paper done or to pass the test.

In the work world, even when I get the paper done and I pass the test, I don’t move onto the next level. Of course I realize that the measurement of these levels is different between the work and school world. In the school world, it’s a grade for the completion of an assignment or you move onto the next grade. In the work world, you finish one assignment and then you move onto the next assignment. Sometimes you get recognition in the form of:

Good Job!
This was a horrible presentation!
Next time, you can do this instead.

Or, you can get recognition in moving up the chain of command. Truthfully, I enjoyed the reassurance of the grades better. It was more direct and it was far more understandable than the commentary I get at work on a daily basis.

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