Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Horsing Around

Last time I checked I work in an office building. But lately, I feel like I’ve been working in a stable or on an equestrian course. Throughout a normal 8 hours I head a thunder of thumping that moves the floor beneath my feet and makes my cubicle glass shake. I’m surprised I haven’t heard any neighing yet.

I can’t understand why so many people walk so heavily. Does it have something to do with weight? Because I know I barely make noise when I walk. Or does it have to do with the speed or pace at which people are walking? I take my time to get to places on the floor. (Unless I need to go the bathroom but even then, I don’t run)

What I’ve also noticed is that a lot of women in heels walk really loudly. They aren’t the only ones because even men in their loafers boom when they walk. It’s one of those quandaries I’ve had lately because it has been so apparent to me. Maybe if I actually go to a stable and hear this noise more often, then what I hear at work won’t even bother me.


Ann Marie said...
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Ann Marie said...

I consider myself a bigger person and have always walked softly. Sometimes it's nice to sneak up on people even though I don't do it intentionally. (Same comment, better typing.)

M said...

I do think people aren't aware of how heavily they're walking or that there's an alternative. It seems they (and I'm sure I'm guilty of it sometimes too) are so intent on getting to where they're going, they just barrel ahead.