Thursday, March 3, 2011

ABC's and 123's

Not everyone has the gift for mathematics and spelling. I can completely understand that this happens. However, when people exaggerate things that are mathematically impossible, I really wonder why they bother to make references to it at all.

For instance there are two locations that my company has in Lower Manhattan that are perhaps 15 minutes apart if you are walking very slowly. If you are taking the subway, it’s probably 5 minutes. One person that I know consistently says that if she were to commute from the current location to the other location that is only 5 minutes away, that her commute would increase by a half hour.

She would have to be counting waiting time, I think. Because the subway ride from one location to the other is 5 minutes, I’ve timed it. And I’ve walked from both locations and the max is 15 minutes. I know she’s not walking….so…how did this commute get so drawn out?

Now I am pretty sure this person never watched Sesame Street because if she did, it would be easy for her to count and how to read minutes on a clock/watch. And it never really goes above 5 minutes…I’m guessing she is saying this so people will feel sorry for her. But I don’t because we all have to commute! Some of us longer than others, I agree. But none of it is fun and the commute length is due to where you live. If it drives you so crazy to have such a long commute, find a job closer to home. Stop complaining about it. And also learn how to count!

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