Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Cleaning Lady

A couple of weeks ago I called a cleaning company to use a coupon that I had gotten. The coupon stipulated having 4 hours of cleaning in your apartment. Normally, I wouldn’t use a cleaning person because I do a lot of the cleaning myself. My husband helps too. But I didn’t want to lose this coupon so I had to use it.

We had just gone through a number of visits so I wanted to begin anew.
The woman arrived and I told her that I mostly wanted to start from scratch – clean everything in the kitchen and bathroom so it was shiny and new. As she was in the middle of the cleaning in the walkway from the kitchen to the bathroom, who should stop by but my dad. The cleaning lady said very festively ‘Hello!’ I could see the problem already…my dad’s confused face said it all.

I walked up to him and told him that he could find my husband outside. As you can see I was trying to get rid of him because I didn’t want to hear the ensuing complaints that were going to be lodged my way.

The cleaning lady did a pretty respectable job and she left. The next thing I hear is the phone ring and a message being left on my answering machine from my mom.

‘Angie, if you need help cleaning, why don’t you ask me?’

Ugh…it probably only took three minutes for my dad to report the incident to my mom…and a few minutes later the phone call was made.

What I can understand about my parents is why this was a fast breaking update while other stuff is only reported months after the event. For instance, I told my mom month’s ago that my husband and I were going away with the dogs. The day before our departure, my dad informed me that he was upset that he only found out that very day. When I told him that I had told my mom months ago, he replied

“Well, she only told me today!”

One day I might understand what topics travel the fastest with my parents. As far as I can understand right now, womanly/wifely duty is obviously high on the list but vacations…not so much.

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