Friday, March 4, 2011

The Disposable Woman??

This article is so on point that I had to write about it. In the last few months (and even years) I have been utterly appalled by Charlie Sheen’s (and other men’s behavior) behavior in general but more so towards women.

They get tons of publicity for acting like the biggest jerks that they are. That offends me completely. And they are seen as heroes!! While females who act the same way are seen as sad and are mocked. (Something the article makes reference to as well) What’s the darn difference? If you are having a mental breakdown or you have drug issues, you are all sad and should be helped.

With the latest stuff that happened with Mr. Sheen (and Tiger Woods and others), I seriously didn’t care to hear what had happened. I just kept wishing someone would beat him to centimeters of his life (I know that my solution here isn’t solving anything and is only doing the same thing that he does but I just feel as though he will never learn unless his life is threatened. Perhaps beating him isn’t the way but it’s just for lack of another solution). I just can’t understand the privileged thinking that it’s ok if you drink and take drugs and beat women. He’s gotten off on almost every incident. I’m tired of seeing his smug face on tv, in magazines and on newspapers. Just stop talking about him and maybe then, he’ll act differently. (Once again, I know I’m not helping with this entry but I needed to vent!)

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M said...

Amen to that!