Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Pain, No Gain

This past Monday I took a class at my local gym. It is now Thursday afternoon and I am still in pain. It’s not a problem at all that I’m in pain; I just can’t believe I’m still sore.

What is particularly puzzling is that the places I thought would be throbbing and pulsing are not as sore as the parts that I didn’t think should be hurting. My thighs feel like they are going to burst off the bones. I have been limping since after the class and you can hear me going
‘Ow…ow …ow…ow’ throughout the day as I walk to and from meetings and the bathroom. I do lunges and squats every week in the gym and this is why I’m confused about all the soreness. Could a kettle-bell make all the difference?

I was expecting to feel like my shoulders would implode but they are only slightly tingly. Of course the best part of all of this is that as I was doing my circuits, the instructor came up to me and asked:

‘What was your sport?’
And I said ‘(huff….huff) huh?’
He said ‘what sport did you used to play because it’s obvious you played a sport?’
I answered ‘Soccer’.

I didn’t have the heart or the energy or breath to tell him that I haven’t played a sport since high school basketball. But it made me feel good to see that he thought I was sporty. Super DING for the day even if it’s ow all around my body.

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M said...

Wooo hooo! You're an athlete! I, too, am often amazed at the odd places that workouts like that get you. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, working those same muscles again a day or two later will take care of the soreness. Of course, it's been a week so you're probably fine by now. Good job for pushing yourself at the gym!