Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Physical Therapy (Part 14 and 15)

Angie isn’t sure what it will take to get better. Even though she’s not as tight as she was when she first walked into physical therapy, she’s still not completely healed. A few weeks ago Angie felt that she was making progress because she went a week without feeling any pain. But since then, there has been some tightness and some aches upon waking up.

Angie informed Lily that she was having a lot of tension in her neck and shoulder from two of the exercises. Lily corrected her form. However, after the long weekend, Angie still felt a lot of tension and soreness in her neck from the exercises. Lily took the exercises off of Angie’s roster of stretches and exercises. She added some new ones.

Angie will have to see how she feels with these modifications. After leaving both sessions, she was sore. Despite the tightness giving way faster when Lily massaged her back, she was still in pain.

She asked Lily when she was going to feel better. And Lily said, “I know. This is taking a lot longer than I thought.”

Angie has decided to go back to just doing her stretches and exercises and cardio for a bit to see if that helps. In the meantime, Lily told her to go to acupuncture to help out with a faster recovery. Back to the drawing board for Angie.

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