Friday, May 13, 2011

Japan Day Run (a.k.a. Thank You Lady Gaga)

A lovely morning greeted us last Sunday as the Mexican and I prepared to run the annual Japan Day race in Central Park. Due to the earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan a few months ago, all proceeds from this race were going to help Japan’s recovery. I was more psyched to do this run for that reason alone. And also I wasn’t planning to run. I could do a 4 mile walk with no problem so I wasn’t planning to push myself.

It was also Mother’s day! A few of the women at the starting gate where having conversations with their friends and/or kids who had called to wish them a lovely day. I decided to drown out all those well wishes and to not be depressed by playing Lady Gaga for this race.

The usual walk to the start happened and then people ran like mad. I decided to take my sweet time. Until a couple of my favorite songs started and somehow running seemed appropriate. I sang and breathed and ran and sang and walked. As I got closer to the finish line, my favorite Lady Gaga song came on and I said ‘Why not?’ and sprinted. As I increased my pace, I saw the Mexican (who had already finished his race eons before me!) who began to cheer me on.

I crossed the finish line running even though I wanted to vomit about 2 yards away from the finish line. I was proud that I finished and that I ran probably a good half mile of the race. The Mexican met me closer to the finish line and we walked home together. As we walked past the finish line, we saw a guy who had finished his race propose marriage to his girlfriend. It was cute even if he was soaked through in sweat.

The next day I checked the race results out of curiosity and rued the day that I did. How could it be that my running pace was greater than my usual walking pace?? Could I be a slower runner than I am as walker? I’ll never figure it out. Luckily my back didn’t hurt me during the race or after. So even if my pace isn’t improving, at least my back is getting better.

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M said...

Wooo hooo way to go!!!!

In my book, just finishing is a victory. The fact that you actually ran part of it is fantastic.