Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On the Loose

Yes, it happened again. Another animal escaped from the Bronx Zoo. This time, the escapee isn’t as scary as the first (at least, not in my book but if you hate birds, I’m sorry for you!). A female peacock – really called a peahen, my friends – was out and about in the Bronx.

Apparently a mail carrier saw the peahen and called it into the Bronx Zoo. With 2 escapees in just a few weeks of each other, I wonder if they aren’t letting us know that the conditions at the zoo are a little shady and they needed to get out. Or maybe they are just saying that animal security at the park is not where it needs to be.

1 comment:

M said...

That IS unusual, to have two animals escape in such a short time frame. Apparently they need to mend those fences! I hope the peacock (peahen?) is ok.