Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Physical Therapy (Part 11)

Angie woke in a bad mood Saturday morning – as well as on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning. She raised herself from bed and immediately felt the tightness of her back muscle pull on her rib cage. She was frustrated that after all this exercise and stretching; here she was again in pain. Granted it wasn’t as intense and horrible as before but it was still there.

Angie proceeds to the gym to do her exercises and stretches and the pain eased up. Yet every morning she was greeted with the slight pain and tightness. She was really tired of being in pain for the last 3 months.

She walked into physical therapy and gave Lily the update. Lily asked if Angie had done anything differently. Angie said that she had not done anything out of the normal. She was doing her exercises and stretches and she didn’t understand why she was still having pain.

Lily checked Angie’s back and informed her that her rib cage was tight again which could be from the weather but most likely from Angie’s posture. It seemed to Angie that any pain she was having was resulting in another body part that needed to be strengthened. She didn’t mind because she did know that she had bad posture. But Angie felt defeated by her own body. She felt frustrated that she never took care of these things before and now she was paying the price.

So Lily taught Angie some new exercises to begin to work on her upper back, shoulders and neck muscles. Angie was sure this was going to result in more pain than doing the monster walk. Angie knew she had to be patient and that it would take time but again she felt exhausted by the months of pain.

And thus continues the drama. Tune in next time for an update on this situation.

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