Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Physical Therapy (Part 9)

New exercises were introduced into Angie’s repertoire – much to Angie’s delight! And we don’t mean this sarcastically. Angie is being very optimistic about getting better and feels that more exercises mean she’s making progress!

When Lily walked Angie through the new stretches, Angie tried them out. Lily corrected her form and told her if things looked fine or not. One new exercise posed a bit of a problem for Lily because she knew it would be awkward and it would make Angie sore. Angie simply replied “I’ve been sore or in pain for the last 2 months, what’s a little more?”

Although the exercise was odd, Angie felt the pain immediately. She said ‘I don’t think I’ve ever worked these muscles before!’ Lily laughed at Angie but told her it was one of the best exercises that everyone should do but no one learns it. It was ‘a big bang for your buck exercise’, according to Lily.

As Angie walked back to work, she felt the soreness from the new exercise already building its way into her muscles. She tried to stretch out at work but she only ended up looking stupid because everyone on her floor started looking at her. Angie decided that come the next day, she wouldn’t care about doing stretches at work because she was tired of being in pain.

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M said...

So what's the new stretch? I'm very curious!! Maybe you could do your stretches in an empty conference room or even in the handicapped stall in the ladies' room, if you are concerned about people watching. Or get those long beads for your cubicle opening, like I mentioned before, to give you some extra privacy. Ha ha.