Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rainy Run

Last Saturday the Mexican and I signed up for a run in Central Park. I wasn’t entirely sure it would be the best thing with my back but my physical therapist said any cardio would help to keep the muscles warm and pliable. I was excited to be able to do something fun that would also help my back.

As we started to awake from our groggy sleep, we noticed that no birds were chirping and there was consistent tapping at our window. These were not encouraging noises.
Regardless of the fact that it was raining outside, we decided to run the race. The Mexican needed to complete it to cover his 9 race requirement to enter for the 2012 New York City Marathon. Even if I only completed part of it, he had to do it. I decided I would join him in support.

We put on all our running gear and I decided to put on my contacts because running with glasses isn’t fun in this day of non-windshield wipers for frames! I put my hoodies on and tied them tight around my face to keep from getting rain slanting into my neck (it’s an annoying feeling).

We got our numbers, got in line and waited for the starting gun, which we didn’t hear through all the rain that started pouring. I decided I’d only walk a bit because the rain was becoming relentless so the Mexican handed me the keys and we made our meeting point at home. We walked ¾ of a mile together and then the Mexican went on his way. I walked another ¼ of a mile and decided to call it quits.

I walked through the park and the rain showed no signs of stopping. A few minutes later I saw different signs of life – namely tourist buses parked along the edge of the park. I got home and was welcomed by the pooches while I peeled all the wet clothes of my body. I hung up the fleece jacket and one of the hoodies I was wearing. They dripped with so much water that small puddles began to form on the floor where they were hanging.

I jumped into the shower and prepared some warm coffee. As I waited for the Mexican to arrive, I did my back stretches. The doorbell rang and there was the wet Mexican --dripping even worse than I was. He had a pool of water forming under him as he walked to the door.

He said it was a great run despite the rain. If it weren’t for the fear of my back getting worse, I would have completed the race as well. But with my hoodies already soaking, I didn’t think it was a good idea. I’m hoping I’ll be able to do another run soon with fewer worries and even less rain.

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M said...

You guys are hard-core, esp. Memo. I'm such a wimp when it comes to being outdoors in the rain (or most types of adverse weather). I hate riding or going for exercise walks in it, which is why I gained weight this last winter. Kudos to you both for doing the race (or part of it) in spite of the rain!!