Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Temporary Surfaces

Driving through Ireland was a great experience. Seeing green hills and mountains surrounded by stone castles was lovely. Occasionally we’d spot cattle or a herd of sheep grazing as we sped by. It was quite memorable.

My husband got used to driving on the other side of the road quite quickly which was commendable. My only gripe was that many of the roads were far too small for the enormous trucks that occupied one of the mainly two lane roads. Being on the right side, I faced many close encounters with shrubs, vines, trees and cars. We definitely scratched my side of the car a bit but I think that was expected.

During one particular road trip, I noticed some signs that stated “temporary surfaces”. After seeing that sign we would cruise on a very lovely and smooth paved road for a stretch. It made me wonder why the government of Ireland wouldn’t invest in having those ‘temporary surfaces’ made permanent. Or was the temporary surface the gravelly, bumpy and pot-holed one? I do think it was one of those language differences that I might only be able to solve on another trip to Ireland!

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