Thursday, October 20, 2011


On our recent trip to Ireland, I made a discovery that I never thought would be possible. Leprechauns had always been one of those myths associated with Ireland, along with fairies. I saw a few leprechauns when we walked around the streets of Dublin. Mostly they were smaller people with painted faces decked out in green. I did not however see any pots of gold on the other end of the rainbows they held with them. Suspicious to say the least.

However, one day in Killarney, I realized that this was not a myth. We were staying in a lovely bed and breakfast when we went down to have said breakfast. We were presented with a lovely meal which we gobbled up in far less than a half hour – 20 minutes tops!

We returned to our room to find that it was all miraculously neat and clean – sparkling with the sun’s rays even. Not at all how we left it when we went down to breakfast. The bed was made, the room was vacuumed, the bathroom was cleaned and everything was put in its new place instead of strewn all over.

That is when I had the epiphany. Leprechauns aren’t out in the wild of Ireland. They were working in this bed and breakfast! So if they were in this bed and breakfast, they must be all over the Ireland working on keeping the lovely bed and breakfasts clean!

Hey, over time everyone’s roles evolve. Who can say this isn’t the case for the leprechauns as well?

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M said...

So THAT's where they were hiding when I was in Ireland! Why didn't I think to look in the B&Bs? :)

Still too bad you didn't get the pot of gold, though.