Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Project Manager

Recently I’ve been working from home for a number of reasons. My next door neighbor has been doing some construction on his apartment so I have to deal with the noise of that work. Normally I’ve been keeping the window closed to drown out the racket. On some occasions though, it is a little harder to concentrate while the work is happening than other times.

Whenever the drills and hammering is happening, it’s not too bad for me to concentrate. However when the construction workers start to talk, it’s very hard. This has nothing to do with eavesdropping or anything. It has to do with one of my dogs.

As long as work is happening, she will sleep through it. Whenever there is talking, she begins to bark at the workers. It’s as if she is telling them ‘Hey, get back to work people!’ I noticed it the other day and thought I was imagining it. I checked with my husband to see if she was doing the same thing when I was not at home. He confirmed my suspicion.

It seems as though my dog got a project management certification when I wasn’t looking. She is determined to keep everyone working and all projects on track!

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M said...

It's like one of those movies where the dogs are talking to each other and making plans and running the show.