Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Waiting Game

Living in NYC gets you used to things that you don’t even question. With such a big population of people, you overlook crowds and lines at times. You just know there will be either a line when you go to a restaurant or a tourist place. There will be crowds at stores and in the street. It’s just something that comes with the territory of living in such a big city. I’m not saying this only happens in New York. I think most inhabitants of major cities must feel the same way.

With my cousins in town (and their consistent disbelief of the lengths of lines and waiting times for things) it has made me think about all the stuff we put up with on a daily basis. If there isn’t a line in any of the shops I frequent, I’m always amazed. I keep thinking that perhaps there is an influenza going around and it has wiped out a nice chunk of the population. If there isn’t a crowd at a tourist site, a government office or on the subway platform, I think it must be a holiday that I forgot about.

What has been fun to watch with my cousins is how impatient they are. I’ve always prided myself on the teeth-sucking and eye-rolling abilities of all New Yorkers when it comes to impatience. But I think my cousins take the cake. They see people walking slightly close to each other and they begin to freak out that a crowd is going to form. The huffing and puffing commences. And if they have to wait on a line with more than one person on it, they won’t do it. It makes me feel like the most patient soul in the whole world.

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