Thursday, January 20, 2011

Top Chef

A few nights ago I had a very vivid dream that I was one of the contestants on Top Chef. The best part of this dream was that I had a very thick Italian accent. Every time they interviewed me, I would say stuff like “My momma she taughta me how to maka this disha. I luvva it!” Or I’d make some reference to my aunt and how she taught me how to cook.

I was watching myself on the screen of my dreams. I was cutting pieces of meat and vegetables. Creating complicated sauces and presentations. I even remember that I had made some kind of filet mignon in a wine and rosemary sauce. I can’t remember if I won for that dish but I was in the top three.

At another point in the dream, the camera stopped on me and I said “I don’ta lika her!” I’m not really sure who I was referring to but it was pretty funny on the show and in my dream.

I suppose I dreamed about all this because I have been craving food and wanting to cook but I’m a bit limited in the Mexican kitchen of my husband’s family. Whatever the reason, I knowa I luvva food!

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M said...

Ha ha ha ha This is awesome!! I'ma laughing outa loud right now. Hilarious!