Monday, January 10, 2011

A Night at the Opera

A couple of night’s ago my husband, my two cousins and I went to see Bizet’s Carmen at the Metropolitan Opera. I got the tickets for my husband and myself months ago when he had expressed how he wanted to go to an opera because he had never been to one.

When I found out my cousins were coming for a visit, I asked if they wanted to join us. I thought it would be something different since I was pretty sure that at least one of them had never been to an opera before. They said they wouldn’t mind going.

So off we went, my husband wore his inappropriate clothing as usual. I was excited to see an opera that I have always liked and was looking forward to hearing someone whose performance in another theatrical show had impressed me. My cousins were impressed by the Metropolitan opera house. And that’s pretty much it.

The subtitles were not in Italian. So that was problem number one. We had a slightly obstructed view which was problem number two. There were 4 acts which was problem number 3, especially when they were hoping it was intermission just after the first act. So after the 2nd act, I opted to leave because I knew they weren’t having a good time. It didn’t matter too much as the price of the tickets wasn’t expensive at all. I decided my husband and I could come back and see the whole opera another time for the exact same price and finally enjoy it in its entirety.

It’s hard to teach people culture especially if you don’t have an open mind to trying new things. I’m happy my husband was enthusiastic about it and that he liked the part we saw and wants to go back for more.

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