Monday, April 30, 2012

Blue Suede Shoes

I love to walk and my frequency of walking has taken a toll on many of the instruments used to make those walks happen. Many years ago I invested in a pair of driving shoes by the company Geox. This company is known for creating shoes that let your feet breathe. And boy did they ever pamper my feet. These shoes were a light blue suede and I wore them almost every where for a good 2 years. After that time, the soles were all worn out and the stitching started to come undone. Despite the amount of I spent on them, I most certainly got my money’s worth. However putting those shoes to rest required that I buy another pair. This time I purchased a pair of Aerosoles because they were very comfortable. Since I knew I would be using them for walking, I needed a pair of shoes that would be durable and relaxing. Once again for some strange reason, I purchases a blue suede pair. These shoes were a slightly darker blue than my Geox ones. Last week on my way to work, I felt that one of the shoes was far more loose than before. When I looked down, I saw that the stitching was giving way. When I got to my desk, I inspected both of my shoes and they were both falling apart. Well, after 2 years of intense walking with them, I couldn’t say that I didn’t know why they were on their last breaths. So instead of trying to fix them which would have cost me more money than I spent on them in the first place, I am not in search of another pair of comfy blue suede shoes to accompany me on my many future walks.

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