Monday, January 23, 2012

Tummy Troubles

Last week I had some stomach issues that kept me out of order for most of the week. It had started Tuesday night and lasted into Thursday. The discomfort manifested itself in one way on Tuesday and in another way on Wednesday. When Thursday came around, it became the biggest devil of pain imaginable.

I had gone into work on Thursday after taking the day off Wednesday. I wasn’t feeling the greatest but I wasn’t feeling the worst either. The morning was ok with a little blah happening in my stomach but nothing unbearable. By the time the afternoon rolled around, I couldn’t sit up straight. I was crouched with my head on my desk trying to get through meetings that I had to be on. After finishing a phone call, I rushed home with the hope that a nap might make me feel better. I was sorely mistaken. The pain got worse until I called the doctor. I explained what I was feeling and he asked me to go into his office.

After his consultation, along with the help of an attending doctor, they decided I needed to go in for an emergency procedure to see what was causing all the pain. The speed of the ordeal was surreal. I don’t remember much of it thanks to the morphine they gave me in the emergency room. But I do remember being wheeled into the operating room at 8:15pm.

The next thing I knew I was in the recovery room with a mouth that tasted of sewer and that felt like it had sucked in a desert. Luckily they fixed the problem and after a few precautions, I was sent home.

I spent the rest of the weekend recovering and am still doing so as I am working from home. I’ll be homebound for a bit which is better than the pain I was feeling last Thursday afternoon. When the doctor called me Friday morning, he reminded me that I could take medication if I was uncomfortable. I told him that after the pain I had the night before whatever I was feeling was nothing in comparison. He chuckled but reminded me that if I needed it, I should use it.

Hopefully I will make a full recovery soon and that everything will be all set going forward.

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