Friday, June 10, 2011

Silly Love Songs

A few weeks ago a friend of mine from France came to visit NYC and I hung out with him. We went to a karaoke bar and sang really badly which was a lot of fun.

We got to talking about how songs can evoke memories and he mentioned to me that the Lionel Richie song “Say you, say me” always reminded him of the first girl he liked. He told me a little bit of the background behind the memory and it a sweet story. He then asked me if I had a favorite love song. I told him that almost every love song that I adore is a depressing one. He didn’t believe me so I played a stupid song just to be silly. He insisted that I stopped joking around and select one of my favorite love songs. So I loaded up No Doubt’s ‘Don’t Speak’ and sang my heart out of it. When I was done, I looked at him and he gave me a look suggesting that it was indeed a very sad love song. Then I listed off a bunch of other love songs that I enjoyed. He agreed that my list was depressing.

Sweet love songs have never really appealed to me. I am not entirely sure why. I think a lot of it has to do with the emotions of the singers who sing the songs. I could never belt out a song like Whitney Houston or Celine Dion so I turned to the songs that I could sing to and they all happen to be very sad.

I do admit that I like the Paul McCartney and Wings song “Silly Love Songs”. It’s hard to not sing along to it since it’s so catchy. But it’s not my favorite love song in the least.

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