Friday, June 17, 2011

Physical Therapy (Part 19 & 20)

Back-to-back sessions awaited Angie this week. She was convinced that physical therapy was just like working out - best to get it done early in the morning.

19 - Angie told Lily she was feeling ok except that she was still waking up in a little bit of pain. As Lily examined Angie's back she found that her mid-back was tight but once she massaged it, the muscle relaxed. As Lily did the full assessment of Angie's back, she found a lot of tightness in her lower back. She told Angie that it seemed that her lower back was compensating for her middle back. Based on the pain Angie felt from getting massaged, Angie had to agree that the lower back was now the problem. As Lily continued to massage the lower back, Angie whimpered because it hurt a lot.

Angie did her exercises and was off to jury duty.

20 - The next day Angie's lower back was still very sore from the massage the day prior. As Lily checked her back again, she stated there was no tightness in the middle back. Angie concurred and mentioned that she didn't wake up in pain in the middle back. The culprit now seemed to be the lower back. Lily attempted to massage the lower back but it was still too sore. She did electo-stimulation instead. Angie enjoyed this because once she got up, she didn't feel any pain in the lower back at all.

Angie slid off the massage table and did her exercises, even asking Lily if she could do 3 sets of the monster walk instead of the usual two. Lily laughed and told her to knock herself out. And Angie did.

The heating pad awaited and a small 10 minute snooze later, Angie made her way to jury duty.

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