Saturday, August 29, 2009

Celebrity Sightings

The other night I went out to dinner with the Mexican. It’s our little tradition to go out and have a little date night every so often. We sat outside, which I don’t often do, because the Mexican got there before I did. Outside dining is tricky – people gawk at what you are eating, the possibility of bugs landing in your food is higher, and sometimes I get distracted because I’m people watching so I don’t pay attention to my husband. It’s counterintuitive to the purpose of date night. Oh well, these things happen, right?

As my husband spent most of the night watching the people go by, I made cooing sounds at the dogs and babies that pranced or strolled past me. It was a very productive date night for communication between us!

We shared our entrees and made fun of each other as we are wont to do and we finished up. On our way home, we saw a very famous actor. And he was exactly my height! I squeezed my husband’s hand and he squeezed mine back in an understanding of who we had just passed.

Then when the actor was out of earshot I said to my husband, “Maybe I can start my acting career since I’m the same height!” To which my toweringly tall husband said “Yes, honey!”

A few moments later my husband said “Actors really must love living in New York because people just don’t want to bother them.” He’s right! In my decades of living here, I have only gone up to one person and that person is not someone anyone in their right mind would know. I have seen so many celebrities and the most I will do is smile at them in that knowing way but I don’t bother them. I think most people in New York feel the same way. Deep inside New Yorkers and celebrities have the same modus operandi in coming to the Big Apple. We want to make it here and we want anonymity. Those people who act ridiculously in front of celebrities were obviously dropped on their heads in their youth. That’s why they can’t make these coorelations.

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