Thursday, August 13, 2009

Little Mismatched

There is this young adult clothing shop called Little MissMatched where all the accessories are colorful and mismatched. It’s quite adorable. However this entry refers to some of my recent clothing faux pas. (Reminder to self to look up how to make a foreign word plural when used in English.)

At my dearly beloved cubicle, I tend to sit with my bare feet swinging from my chair. Whenever I get up to go to the pantry or bathroom, I put on my shoes that are just underneath my desk. Of late, work has been incredibly chaotic so I’ve not been able to place my rotation of work shoes in my closet. So, the other day, I got up to go to the bathroom, put on a pair of shoes and walked down the aisles.

I noticed a couple of people looking me up and down and thought to myself ‘I know this sling (recent elbow fracture) sure is weird. No wonder they are looking at me’. I also thought maybe I just looked cute in my skirt. Oh no, dear reader, that was not why they were looking at me. As I walked into the bathroom stall and squatted to do my business, lo and behold, I had two completely different shoes on. Fantastic stuff! So, I did what nature called me to do and then I pulled off my shoes and walked back to my desk barefoot. (Thank goodness for carpeting!). I preceded to tell my co-worker who said she would cover my back next time by looking at my feet whenever I walked by to ensure that this wouldn’t happen again.

Ah but if it’s not for shoes, then it’s something else. Today, I went to the gym dressed in my sweats and followed my usual morning routine. I could tell it was going to be an interesting day because I had left my book at home. (I usually read a book while I do cardio.) I worked up a sweat listening to my ipod, went to the locker room, undressed, showered and prepared to get dressed in my work clothes when….I realized that I didn’t pack a regular bra in my bag. All I had was my clothes, underwear and that’s it. No bra! Since I couldn’t go braless without falling chest first all day long, I decided I would have to wear my sweaty sports bra under my blouse. And to cover up the black sports bra peeking out of my transparent blouse, I had to wear a sweater in the humidity. Lucky that I usually bring a sweater with me in the heat and humidity. Sometimes Antarctic temperatures at work can work to one’s advantage.

Yes, I know. I’m a mess but if I weren’t would I be sitting here typing my escapades. No, I wouldn’t.

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M said...

That's hilarious!! I especially love the shoes incident. I'm surprised you didn't notice that the shoes felt different on your feet. I've forgotten clothes lots of times when traveling. So much fun. Once I went to visit my aunt and cousins for a weekend in Chicago and forgot to take any underware. Then there was that cruise that you and I went on, when I forgot my pajamas. I think i borrowed some of yours? Good times.