Wednesday, December 24, 2008

These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Paying homage yet again to my pal Marni, I’ve decided to compile my own list of favorite things. I’ll intersperse them throughout my other fascinatingly intriguing blog.

So item number 1 is: Godiva Chocolates

Oh how I love this blessed, blessed store! Now, I’m not insanely in need of chocolate on a daily basis but I do love myself a good hearty piece every so often. Usually I pick from the almond laden chocolates. Lately however, I’ve taken a liking to the dark chocolate marzipan hearts. I stare at them through the glass case hoping to mesmerize them so they will just follow me home instead of having to fork over a chunk of change for them. But alas, regardless of how I acquire them, I drool whenever I see them and even more so when I pop one in my mouth.

Another morsel I’ve grown to like is the Mandarin Snowflake. This is quite a change of pace for me because I am not a fan of white chocolate. But oh how I like to squeeze this little nugget between my incisors and nibble away.

So, now that you think I’m a glutton, I say FOOEY to you. I know you all enjoy a good piece of chocolate too.


M said...

Oh yes, I KNOW about the chocolate love. I'm still thinking about those lucious (and expensive) morsels you, Amanda, and I got at the Godiva store when I was in NYC a few weeks ago. Heaven they were, pure sinful heaven!

M said...

PS I'm excited you're copying my idea of the favorite things postings! No better form of flattery.... :)