Thursday, April 25, 2013


I discovered this morning that in the span of 2 days ticket prices for a specific time frame went up 100 dollars. I understand that ticket prices are subject to change. But it seems a bit much in the span of 2 days. Not to mention that airlines give you absolutely nothing for these prices anymore. You can’t bring all the bags you want. You don’t get even get meals anymore. Almost all the seats are booked and sometimes even overbooked. It is criminal.

Lately a lot of things get on my nerves and mostly they are big institutions such as the airline industry. Apart from this insane bump of prices, there are the insane prices of flights that are prevailing. I was looking for tickets to go to either France or Italy from anytime between April and November and I have seen nothing less than 1000 per ticket. This just seems astounding to me for a few reasons (only because that’s all I can think of this morning):

1) As I mentioned before, you don’t get anything for these prices (you are charged for bags, get no meals, the flights are overbooked and/or crowded)

2) Airlines are supposed to be providing a service but lately flying is more an inconvenience than anything else. There are delays and flights are cancelled without notification. They can leave you stranded in some boondocks town spending more money for a hotel (Yet another expense) because you’ve been bumped off a flight or the flight no longer exists.

What makes me laugh even more by their tactics is how I get emails saying “discounted travel” or “sale fares” from these airlines. And when I go and look at the cost of these rates, they seem just as expensive as their ‘regular’ prices.

I remember a time when I could get a ticket to Europe for 500 bucks, which is still kind of pricey to me but far more reasonable than now-a-days. Those days, I’d get a meal, I could check in 2 bags, the flight was on time and it was relaxing. Now in order to pay that price to get to Europe, I have to go to Russia before I can even get half-way to my desired destinations in Western Europe. This is ridiculous because it’s wasting more fuel and everyone’s time.

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M said...

I totally don't get the air line flight pricing structure either. I wish they'd just have flat rate fares between various cities so you could know what a flight was going to cost no matter when you bought your ticket.