Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shoe Fetish

Almost every woman I know loves shoes. I am no different. Through the years the type of shoe has changed but still, I have a collection of them. I am fully aware of lust but never more so than earlier this week.

My office building was flooded due to Hurricane Sandy. It has since been closed but the contents of all of our desks were sent to us this week. I knew I had a lot of stuff in my old drawers and cabinets so when I saw three boxes I wasn’t surprised. I was surprised when I opened one of the boxes to find a LOT of shoes.

I used to go to the gym every day before work so I’d walk into the office with my sneakers. I’d change into shoes that coordinated with my outfit as I got into work. I didn’t think I had so many different outfits since I try to wear neutral colors but I had a pair of winter shoes and summer shoes for almost every basic color imaginable.

I decided free myself of some of the shoes because I’d have to bring all the contents of these boxes home. And home isn’t shoe free, I might add. I didn’t do as well as I wanted but I did toss out 3 pairs of shoes because they were worn down or I knew they would now be uncomfortable (Pregnancy really does change your foot as do electrical blackouts but that’s another blog entry).

Oddly in this same week, I also got a couple of packages because (that darn department store) Macy’s is having a shoe sale. It’s funny because I tend to see myself as a full-time sneaker wearer. Obviously the contents of my shoe closet say otherwise. The worse part is that if a particular pair is really comfortable, I crucify them through over usage. I guess that’s better than not using them at all, right? Please tell me this is a bad thing. I can’t tell by the way my husband looks away whenever I talk about shoes so maybe you can help me.

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M said...

Ha ha this is funny! I had no idea you were such a shoe person, and with dress shoes especially. I'm not good at accessorizing so I far fewer shoes than I think most women do. Some basic black and brown pairs that go with everything, one red pair that I wear a lot... that's about it. I think it's normal to wear the same 3-4 pairs all the time when they're your favorites and go with everything--which is why you can justify spending $100 on a pair of shoes!