Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mystery Solved

A month ago I received a lovely package of Godiva chocolates. I read the card attached and it said ‘we are sorry for your loss”. The note also made mention of my blog and how I had referred to ‘my favorite things’ – Godiva chocolates being one of them. However the card was not signed so I didn’t know who to thank.
I began to ponder who could have sent such a thoughtful gift and who would make mention of my blog. Now I know only 3 -4 people read my blog and I had already received condolences from them. So who else could it have come from? And the pronoun ‘we’ confounded me as well.

While I contemplated this for days, I began to ask around to see if anyone would confess. I gave much consideration to the thought that my book club could have been the culprits. But they most certainly would have signed the card. What if they did sign the card but the place sending the package didn’t include that? Completely possible.

I thought about posting a thank you on Facebook or sending a random email out to people to see but then I would have looked like a fruitcake. I asked my husband for advice and he said that someone will eventually ask if I had received the chocolates and that’s how I would know.

So last week at book club, one of my friends asked if I received a box of chocolates. And finally the mystery was solved! I told them about how the card didn’t come with a signature so I didn’t know who to thank. I proceeded to tell them how the messenger did look very sketchy and how my dogs barked at him for a while even after I told them to calm down.

It was such a thoughtful and sincere gesture and so greatly appreciated. The whole situation was quite comical but I wish that I could have thanked them at the moment when I got the gift and not a month later. But I guess in these cases it’s better late than never.

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M said...

How thoughtful!