Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hunger Games

Yes, I, along with millions of others, went to see “The Hunger Games” this past weekend. I was planning to wait it out but a friend really wanted to go so I decided to go. And now I remember why I don’t go to movies during opening weekend.

We got to the theater a half hour before the show time and as usual, it wasn’t early enough. We found ourselves searching for seats in front of the screen. Luckily we found some seats in the corner that weren’t too close and were actually very comfortable. I didn’t feel like I would be staring up the actors’ nostrils. Always a good sign.

My friend went to get some popcorn and soda, while I watched over the seats. There were two teenagers or young people sitting behind us who were quite vocal but I thought they would calm down once the movie started.

Um no..not a chance. They decided to add their play-by-play to the first couple of minutes. Luckily my friend turned around and told them to pipe down. They did for a bit but shortly thereafter, they started up again. My friend, once again, turned around and told them to shut their traps. And luckily they did. If they had started again, I would have had to turn around and I would not have been very nice.

The movie was pretty good until the lady sitting in the seat next to my friend got some messages. Her phone was in her bag and it lit up every time she got a call or a message. It was very distracting. At one point, she took the phone out and hid it under her coat while she answered the messages. This didn’t block out the glare from her phone in the least. I huffed; my friend puffed. Finally the lady put her phone away.

As the movie was close to ending, this same lady reached across my friend to poke at the person sitting in front of me. Apparently they were related in some way. My friend and I both looked at each other quizzically because we thought this behavior was rude and annoying.

Once the movie was over, my friend and I complained about how rude and inconsiderate people were during that movie. So much so that it took away from our appreciation of the film. I just don’t know why people can’t turn off their phones for 2 or so hours? I don’t think anyone is that important to have to be contacted so often – unless they are a doctor but I doubt that everyone whose cell phones were going off during the movie were doctors. Also, why do people feel it’s important to talk and make comments through movies? I can understand an occasional question from someone who isn’t getting a plot line but minutes of discussion are inappropriate and wrong.

I still enjoyed the movie but I would have liked it more in a quiet theatre or at home. It’s no wonder people would rather stay home and watch streaming movies. You don’t have to deal with other audience members.

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