Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cooling Off

Yet another heat wave…there is only so much you can do to make it bearable. I often drink a lot of iced drinks and eat ice cream. Air conditioning is helpful until you are frozen because the thermostat is set to arctic temperatures. Staying in the shade is also an option.

During the heat wave a few weeks ago, the kiddie pool was a godsend. My daughter and I took a dip in that to try to put a stop to the sweat. It did help even if only for that period of time while we were soaking in it.

One of my dogs disappeared into the air conditioned bedroom. She occasionally moved from in front of the appliance to the cold bathroom tiles. The other dog watched as we sat in the kiddie pool. She sniffed the water and sat nearby in the shade.

When we got up from the 'wet wonder', she followed. When she thought we weren’t looking, I caught her drinking from the plastic receptacle. She then got up and plopped herself right into the wading pool. She had such a contented smile on her face. I went over to pet her and praised her for keeping herself cool in the horrid heat. It was so unbearable even the pooches needed to get relief and looked for the best solutions possible.

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