Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympics

Every couple of years we are graced with this exciting international sporting event. I always enjoy watching all the different sports even if I have no idea what the rules are to most of them. It's also really interesting to see what each host country presents during the opening and closing ceremonies.

This time around, I really enjoyed the opening ceremonies because I'm an anglophile. Having Kenneth Branagh speak the words to "The Tempest" warmed my heart. Then when a big portion of the event was dedicated to children's stories from the British Isles, I couldn't have been happier. I was thrilled to have J.K. Rowling read from "Peter Pan" and to even see all those famous villains from British books appear in the nightmare sequence. Yes, Mary Poppins and Peter Pan are great but what about all those classic villains, Cruella DeVille, Voldemort and the Queen of Hearts? Just fabulous.

And I chuckled a number of times when specific reference o the British sense of humor were touched. It was great to see Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean. I do adore Mr. Bean and it was nice for him to make an appearance. I also thought the 007/Bond sketch with the Queen was quite funny. It's nice to see that certain countries do and don't take themselves seriously - British literature is fantastic but they do have a wonderful history to make fun of as well.

I look forward to the next 2 weeks of events. Maybe I'll finally figure out the rules to fencing. I do like to watch weightlifting even if I feel that the competitors will break in half during the 'clean and jerk' portion. I am always mesmerized and holding my breath during gymnastics and diving. I'm sure I'll have my commentary in the days to come. But until then, let the games begin and I hope others out there are enjoying them as much as I am.

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