Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's Going On?

Today two interesting things transpired either in my view or were reported to me that led me to wonder what is happening in the world.

On my way to the gym this morning, I noticed a lady on the corner trying to hail a cab. She was on the southeastern most corner holding her hand up waiting for a cab to come southward towards her. She noticed a cab stopped at the light on the same southeastern intersection. She waved her hand at the cab to signal that she wanted him to pick her up. She sighed exasperatedly at this cab as if to say ‘Why haven’t you picked me up yet?’

The cab driver in the stopped car looked incredulously at the lady who was obviously annoyed that he hadn’t picked her up yet.

Two things were astonishing to me about this sight
1) The cab was stopped at a red light
2) The lady was only a maximum of 5 feet away from this stopped car. Could she not walk over to it and get in?

The second item was narrated to me by a colleague. He told me that there was a fire drill in his building. Everyone was required to leave their floor through the assigned exits and to walk down two flights of stairs to ‘test’ the evacuation plan. This happens at least once a year in my company. Occasionally they test where we just convene in front of the exits to prove we know where they are. Other times we do the full evacuation plan and more often we do the two flights down test.

He told me they returned only to find that his boss didn’t do the test. He went into the bathroom and hid there until the fire drill was over. I asked myself what concoction he must have been sipping to think this was a wise decision.

Am I wrong to think that there are indications on a daily basis that things are just getting ridiculous? Or is it me?

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