Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day

My dog Foxy adores the snow. I’ve probably mentioned this before in other entries. Regardless the level of contentment that she has when she sees snow or is in the snow is something I can’t measure or even describe with any clarity. Ultimately, the exuberance of her jumping up and down in the soft or even crunchy snow is something to be witnessed and not described.

Last weekend we went to Vermont to get away for the long weekend. The pristine white condition of the snow was lovely to see (compared to the polluted grey/black snow currently visible in the city). I went on numerous walks with her and the snow crunched under my feet. It was really pretty and reminded me of all the times that I got excited that it snowed when I was a kid.

She and I played stick in the snow. She would plow her face right into the snow to fetch the stick. She looked as though she had a permanent milk muzzle while we played. I even played some other games with her. I would start walking down a hill and she would follow me and walked passed me. Then I would call her and run up the hill and she would follow. We would do this over and over and she would never tire of it.

Part of the fun of playing in the snow with Foxy is how she and I have a mission to leave no snow untouched. Whether there is a paw print or foot print, we must mess up the snow. There’s no way it was a good snow day if we didn’t mess up all the snow.

These are some of the moments that I enjoy having my Foxy around to play with. And on some occasions, such as while we were in Vermont, Foxy and I were graced with Bonnette’s presence in the snow. Bonnette usually avoids the snow in the city but for some reason, we found her consistently making a run outside while we were in Vermont. It was touching and sweet in so many ways. It’s as if she was saying ‘Hey what’s all the ruckus! Let me join you!’

I realized after a while that perhaps Bonnette was joining us because there was no salt on the ground in Vermont. It was pure crunchy, fresh snow. Maybe my little doggie likes snow days after all.

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