Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Common Decency

It’s no surprise that people baffle me. I’ve written about it numerous times in these halls. Here’s another one to add to the list.

I mentioned to my boss persistently for a year and a half that I wanted to be a Vice President. In multiple meetings through the year, I went to my boss explaining how I had completed objective upon objective that was placed in front of me that I would need to achieve in order to be promoted to Vice President. Each time, when I asked what else I needed to do to get promoted, no answer was given. I thought I was being a bee buzzing in my boss ear…consistently bugging for measurable activities.

Seems as though my buzzing fell on deaf ears, which isn’t surprising. The other day all the yearly promotions were announced. And my boss came to me this morning to say ‘did you see that ‘so-and-so’ got promoted to VP’. I played it off saying that I did know. But in my mind the scene that played out was:

I’m going to kill you. How could you come here and even say something like that to me when you know that I wanted to be promoted to VP??

I wouldn’t ever permit myself to say something like that to someone. Especially if they had mentioned how much they wanted it all along. But I guess I pay attention to those things while others do not. I think it is common decency to not rub things into people’s faces. I suppose the better course of action would have been to present my open wound to her and ask her if she wanted to pour lemon juice on my cut.

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