Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do the Right Thing

I have spent a lot of my life waiting in line. As a girl in an Italian family, I was never as important as the boy. Even then, I was the last girl so there wasn’t still another line to wait in.

Despite all this, I did what I needed to do for myself - to do the right thing without hurting others. I studied hard because I liked it but also because I felt it was the way to move forward. I worked hard because I knew things wouldn’t just be handed to me. And I went after what I wanted with determination; knowing that the only obstacle that could get in the way of my desire was my own mind.

Lately though, all these lessons that I learned about myself have been up for re-evaluation. I thought that if I did well at work and consistently performed, I would be promoted. I understood that if I saved money for my employer, I would be compensated with a raise. I believed that if I loved people a lot, they would somehow see me in the same light – I would be their priority. I knew that if I wanted something bad enough, it could happen despite what doctors said.

But everything I thought has been thrown into the garbage. I didn’t get promoted, I didn’t get a raise and I lost the thing I wanted most with no idea how it happened. These things are fine and I can and will deal with them to the best of my ability.

Do I continue to just deal with doing the right thing? Or do I just give up?

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HAPPY said...

That's just it! Have you really done the right thing?? Not having the spotlight shouldn't be the priority in your life. Reflect on it because you have done your fair share in hurting people and have become a pro at being the victim.