Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rejuvenating Facial

My dogs are big time lickers. When they show their affection, they like to lick you. I don’t mind too much myself but I’m always very conscious of how others feel about their penchant.

My family gets a lot of love from my dogs. My sister constantly gets a facial from them, so does my mom. And my dad, who is definitely a favorite of theirs, isn’t excluded from the love.

The other day my dad came over and Foxy (the bigger dog of the duo) put her front paws on my dad’s shoulder and proceeded to give him an exfoliating treatment with her tongue. The Mexican admonished her saying “Foxy Down!” To which my dad replied:

‘No, don’t tell her to get down, I love this!’

I think my dad is looking for a way out of cleaning his face with his own two hands. Or maybe he just likes how his skin feels after Foxy gives him her rejuvenating facial. Regardless, I don’t think she’ll be taking a break from showing him affection anytime soon.

1 comment:

M said...

Blech! I've never understood why people let dogs lick their faces, much less why someone would actually like it. I mean, I don't go around licking people's faces or letting them lick mine. Why is it suddenly ok and not gross when your dog does it? Blech.