Friday, April 3, 2009


The title of this piece is very near and dear to my heart for two reasons.
1) It’s a reference to some terminology I’ve been using on a constant basis at work
2) It works well for this essay.

Recently, a colleague of mine went on a job interview for which he was probably a perfect fit. However, he didn’t get the job because he’s considered ‘external’. What the heck am I talking about right? Well, my colleague is a contractor and as such, he’s considered external since he doesn’t directly work for this company as I do (that would make me internal). This game of semantics is obviously a load of poop to me for a lot of reasons.

One of which is the fact that he is a phenomenal worker. He’s intelligent, a team player and very motivated and responsible. I think anyone who would recommend him would say this. Another reason I think this is total crap is due to the fact that our economy stinks right now. And since he’s not a citizen, there’s no chance he’s going to get a job worthy of his skills. The reason for this is that a lot of the regulations because of the TARP money say you can’t give a job to someone who is not American. So, I’m upset about this because this person wants very much to be a citizen and he’s also an amazing worker who should have a job. So I don’t see him as external in any way. Especially because he’s been working in this corporation for close to 3 years as a contractor – he’s more internal than internal people!

Basically, I’m tired of this mentality because there are tons of ‘internal’ people who have jobs and are slackers. Why do they continue to have jobs? Because they are Americans? That doesn’t seem fair since they certainly don’t seem to be working as if they want a job. It all goes back to the immigration discussion which will get me going to hours but I don’t have the time to type all that stuff at this moment. I’m tired of this kind of thinking and it’s becoming more and more rampant.

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