Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Teddy Grahams

My daughter has taken very positively to Teddy Grahams. Perhaps you’ve seen them? They are graham crackers in the shape of little teddy bears. I wanted to give her a little something to keep her occupied when we out for walks or in the car without always resorting to Cheerios. Now, she wouldn’t mind eating Cheerios all the time but I still decided something else might break up the monotony. 

So I gave her one and she liked it. She put it in her mouth, made a ‘yum’ noise and proceeded to get it a bit soggy before taking it out of her mouth and consuming it bit by bit. I didn’t question her process; it seemed to be working well for her. 

I have since given her one or two here and there and she’s always happy to get them because they are tasty. I admit it because I like them too. I found that she and I are not the only ones that enjoy these flavorful little morsels. Two others are quite fond of them as well – the dogs! 

I put a couple of the crackers in my pocket on the way for our ride back home one day. The bigger dog kept her nose at my pocket. And I kept wondering if I hadn’t put one of her treats in my pocket. After a few moments, she began to lick my pocket. I decided to give her one to see if she would take it or if some other scent was calling her attention. Nope! It was the teddy graham. She ate it immediately. Then the other dog came out of her little space to stare me down for one. (They work as a team those two despite their pretending to not get along.) So I had to give a treat to each of my three girls. What was this all coming to?

A few days ago, my daughter grabbed the box of teddy grahams off the coffee table while I turned to grab a diaper out of my bag. She fumbled her way around in the box and the bigger dog came out of nowhere to stare at her sister’s workings. Next thing I knew, there was a slight plat, plat, plat sound against the tiles (the drool of the dog splashing onto the floor) and F waiting for M to drop a cracker by mistake. The minute it happened, the dog scooped in to pick it up and my daughter chuckled at her playmate. 

Kids and dogs really can be funny about what they like and can be quite determined when it’s something they enjoy. I just never thought it would involve little crackers that look like Winnie the Pooh.

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