Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Kiddie Pool

I think this has been one of the worst summers on record. It may not necessarily have been the hottest summer but it has been very humid here in New York. It has made me a tad bit miserable. Being pregnant doesn’t make it any easier either. I find myself walking a few blocks and being so tired that I am out of commission the rest of the day. It might seem like a dream to some. But to me, it makes me feel useless. 

Usually I take comfort from the heat and humidity by going to Long Island and soaking in the pool. However, this year we decided not to fill it up for various reasons. Those reasons fail me now. It was not a good decision. However we made up for it by buying an inflatable kiddie pool. It is very small but I can put a chair in and sit submerged up to my tummy. I’ve used it a number of times already to just cool off.  I have enjoyed reading many books while sitting in the kiddie pool. It’s almost as good as the regular pool except that I can’t go for a swim.

What I also like about this kiddie pool is that it’s in the shade. It sits opposite one of my dogs’ secret hideaway. So while I sit in the pool, I can see her digging or napping or watching the birds from beneath her shrub. It is quite cute. Occasionally when I am not looking, she exits her secret lair and comes to visit me.  I always ask her where she’s come from because she’s surprised me. She doesn’t answer, of course, because it’s a secret. 

On one occasion I decided to talk to the baby from the pool. I read a little bit to her and then I told her about her two canine sisters. I explained what they looked like and what they usually do. Anyone looking at me from the outside would have thought I was insane but it seemed like just as good a time as any to let her in on the happenings and personalities of her future life. 

If it weren’t for this little pool, I am pretty sure I would have gone stir crazy by now. It has been a particularly grueling summer so I am happy to find a little relief in a PVC pond.

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M said...

You need to take a picture of the pool, with your lawn chair in it. Sounds like a great invention, actually.