Friday, November 13, 2015

58 Degrees

You are waiting for a description of the new boy band, I know. You are imagining the screaming tweens crying and sometimes fainting as their ‘imaginary singing boyfriends’ hop on stage. But nope, it’s not that at all. It’s about temperature. You are perhaps wondering if this is the perfect cooking measurement for a steak tartare. Not correct on that one either.

58 degrees is the ideal temperature. It was what the thermometer read this morning as I pounded the city streets on my way to work. I had on a light sweater and a light jacket and the wind blew on my face (I don’t have much hair for it blow through since I keep it quite short).  My coffee was enjoyable and not used to keep my hands or insides warm. It was my companion on my trip.

When I was younger I always said that 58 degrees was my favorite temperature. It was an arbitrary selection but I knew it was in the general range of light sweater weather. I knew it signified cooler temperatures where a brisk walk was feasible and not something to be avoided. As the temperature decreases over the coming weeks, so will the possibility of walking to work or enjoying the outdoors without looking like I am hoarding tires around me based on the number of layers I have on. Trust me, I do this and look like this.

However this morning, perhaps in a moment of self-fulfilling prophecy of yore, it truly was the best weather. If only there were more days like this in the stars. For now, I’ll enjoy this the best way I can, by taking a walk outside. 

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Ann Marie said...

Welcome back.

This IS a great temperature as long as it's with sun. Glad I had my gloves and earmuffs with me for later.