Friday, June 14, 2013

Daily Puppy

I’ve been visiting the website ‘The Daily Puppy’ for years. I first heard about it from a co-worker who is equally smitten with dogs as I am. Every day we would check the site and then meet at each other’s cubicle and discuss how cute the dog of the day was.

Even though I no longer work with this person, I have kept up the semi-daily viewing of the website. I mostly discuss the cuteness, squishiness or adorableness of the quotidian canine with my sister or a few of my friends. What I have found in doing this is that it brings a smile to my face.

When work gets boring, annoying or stressful, I like to check into this site to put a smile on my face. (I also do this with pictures of my daughter now.) Now as scientific studies have proven, seeing or being around dogs help bring blood pressure down. I can say that I sincerely have noticed this over the years. I am always calmer (even if momentarily) after I look at the puppies on the site, or if I see pictures of my own pooches.

I think that if you like dogs (or even cats because there is a daily kitty site), it would do the whole world a brief bit of good to check out the website when you aren’t feeling at your best. Enjoy!!

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M said...

I agree!! I'm not even a dog person but I definitely found that looking at the daily puppies for awhile there last fall helped me feel calmer and more peaceful and optimistic. Same with the kitties (which I do love). Sometimes now I'll go on Pinterest and check out pictures of animals that other people have pinned to get the same effect.