Thursday, February 14, 2013

Head of Hair

My little munchkin has a full head of hair. She’s had it since birth when she came out with a plenitude of black curls smushed against her scalp. The doctor even said “I see hair! And boy, it is a lot!”

I wasn’t surprised that she was born fully coifed because I know I had a lot hair when I was born. So I figured it would be the same for her. What has made me laugh is how everyone comments on how much hair she has. I always think to myself ‘but have you seen my head?’ because to me I see the correlation. But I guess I’m not that familiar with babies who didn’t have a lot of hair. My nieces were born with a lot of hair. I always figured it was an Italian thing to be born with helmet already intact.

In the early days of pregnancy I ate an orange almost every day. I’d get up, start making coffee or go and get some and then grab an orange. As my pregnancy progressed, I couldn’t tolerate any citrus or acid. It would give me the most intense heartburn and it was bizarre to me because I have hardly ever had heartburn in my life. As I mentioned this heartburn to people, almost everyone said that it was because the baby had a lot of hair. I honestly couldn’t see the connection. My doctor said the heartburn was due to the baby sitting on top of my stomach, which totally made sense to me.

The summer months passed where I couldn’t eat any ketchup on my hamburgers or lemonade to quench my thirst. Occasionally I would still eat those things and just remind myself of the consequences and remember to not complain since I had made the choice to eat those things.

So when my little cookie welcomed the world with the wealth of hair, I began to wonder if the folk wisdom of heartburn and a full head of hair wasn’t true. I am still quite doubtful especially since one of my good friends had the worst heartburn imaginable and her son was bald when he was born. Regardless, whenever we give her a bath, my favorite part of the ritual is drying and combing her messy hair. She’s like her mom in more ways than one when it comes to hair!

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M said...

So cute! She does have a lot of hair for such a wee lass. I have very thick hair but was pretty bald as a baby. Haven't heard the heartburn theory before but hey, why not?