Monday, February 9, 2009

High Risk

I've been hearing this term for quite some time. And I'm sure you think it has to do with finance and banking but it doesn't. It has to do with what doctors call pregnancies over 35 years old. And I've heard it a lot because most of my friends are getting to or are 35 and have become pregnant. What I want to tell doctors and people who claim this is high risk is to shove it! It really makes me so livid to hear this. As if pregnancy isn't hard enough and that a woman isn't stressed enough, they have to mention that their pregnancies are 'high risk'. You know what? I think you should stop saying this phrase. Keep it to yourselves doctors and people! Mark it in your darn patient folder and never say it to the woman who is pregnant.

What I think is a better idea is for you to get working on the research that makes this situation less high risk? How about that? How come tons of money is thrown away to assist men the age of Moses to keep an erection until they croak? Does anyone else think that's insane?? Why not spend some time in science to find a way to help women continue to produce eggs even after their darn biological clock starts ticking? Huh?? How about that?

The darn high risk is that we need women to keep populating the world so how about we help them make that easier instead of more difficult!! Who the heck wants a baby from a shrivelled up man in his 80s who can barely put his own pants up anyway??

Tons of women die in childbirth every year. Why is this still happening with all the technology that we have? Perhaps we should funnel money where it makes more sense? But maybe that's just too logical for insurance companies and doctors!!

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M said...

Oh Angie, you do make me laugh! My mom had my youngest brother when she was 38, no problem, and plenty of women are now having babies into their 40s (which I wouldn't want to do, but whatever). "High risk" seems relative to me, and perhaps can be ascribed to an overabundance of caution on the part of the doctors. Who knows?