Sunday, November 16, 2008

Clan of the Cave Woman

This little piece is a homage to my friend Marni's recent e-mail called 'Caving In'. (A very small few have been privy to this email.) Marni's basic message is that she's caved into the world of blogs. As you can see, so have I! I thought I'd do a 'write out' to Marni here....and just mention why I decided to write a blog.

Some of you know that I used to contribute regularly to a website called It has since taken a break (although I'm not entirely sure what the real reasons are although I've definitely got a number of 'suspected' reasons in my head). Many of the regular readers of that site have asked me what the heck has happened and when was I going to write something else. Well, the thing is, I'm always writing. But I write for myself and that site was something that I did for myself and for others. A couple of friends have suggested getting a blog going but nothing really happened until I saw Marni's blog. I said to myself, "Self, this blogger thing looks pretty darn easy!" And Voila! here it is!

I encourage all of you writers out there to just start a blog....especially if you use writing as a means of expressing yourself. It's almost better than chocolate. I did say almost, ok?

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Marni said...

And another HOORAY for Angie's blog--and a humble grin at being the subject of one of your blog entries. I'm glad I inspired you to start a blog. I also hope that 31 Mag will come back on-line again someday... when the web designer's kids aren't so darn needy. xoxoxo