Monday, July 11, 2011

All Over the World

What I've noticed in many of my travels is that not matter where you are or where you go, some things are the same.

*The purest and most adorable form of any language comes from children between the ages of 3 and 7. It sounds so sweet with few, if any, slang words, mumblings or cut off endings. Case in point at the airport in Madrid, I heard a French speaking brother and sister discussing the fabulousness of an ice popsicle in the heat. I also overheard a Spanish speaking boy beg his mother endearingly to get him some candy because it would make him feel special.

*Beggars always feel like getting in your face or interrupting your personal space is the best way to get your charity. I am not sure where this habit was learned. Needless to say, I find it annoying when they do this and I am far less likely to give them any money whatsoever.

*At airport boarding gates, regardless of what instructions are given, people line up and crowd to get into the plane. If the crew tells them to wait for a certain group or or row number, somehow people who have no seat anywhere near that section line up to get on the place. This delays the boarding process yet it happens all the same.

*Trinket and souvenir shops in other countries are intriguing beyond belief. Even when you think they are ridiculous and wasteful things in your own country, Somehow if they are in another country, they are exotic and cool. Despite my saying this, I still come home with so many of these things!